Collaborative Design & Facilitation

You have a business issue that needs attention. Possibly it's large and you don't know where to start OR maybe it's small but very complex AND maybe it's all of the above. Collaborative Design and Facilitation helps you uncover and unpack the path to a solution for a specific business issue. We help you scope the right people to ask the right questions to arrive at the right solution. We have a proven process that drives speed and completeness, all while having fun with a problem.

Virtual Collaborative Design & Facilitation

Through necessity, grit, determination, and lots of laughter and patience, we have re-skilled ourselves to successfully deliver a collaborative design and facilitation experience virtually. Who knew sitting at your computer and viewing your team as tiny boxes could be so productive and intense while still being engaging? Just because you cannot be together, does not mean that the hard work cannot be done.

Graphic Recording & Design

Capturing a conversation in a visual manner takes true skill. Being able to graphically represent key themes, decisions, and outcomes from a discussion is synthesis at its best. Our artists are master synthesizers, cartoonists, and graphic designers; and an integral component of our work. They utilize strategic modeling skills to organize seemingly disparate thoughts into beautiful works of art...all to make a picture that is worth a thousand words.

Leadership Development

When working through any business issue, leadership is always part of the conversation; for it takes the best leadership skills to successfully navigate today's complex business environment. Are you working to your full potential as a leader? As an Executive? Are you self-aware enough to know where you might not be adding value to a process or solution? Are you working daily towards being your best self?